Hello, I'm Ruby

I graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Design at the end of 2018. The area of design I studied was Communication Design, majoring in Advertising and Branding. The course lasted three years and has taught me many skills that I will continue to practice in many areas of life.

Bringing my passion for the environment and sustainability into reality, the minor I chose to explore throughout my time at AUT was Design for Sustainability. This involved real life projects and outcomes that gave me pride as a designer, witnessing the changes that can come from good design and problem solving.

As a fresh graduate I am now looking to find a role that will continue my growth as a professional. I wish to gain hands-on experience where I am able to inhale game changing habits and skills from professionals who are already mastering their art. In return for all the knowledge I breathe in, I will exhale consistent hard work and a fresh insight.